The Well Heeled Guru

Introducing our creator and innovator extraordinare, Doreen Hing, the cheeky design mind behind the Plank concept and the author of the popular lifestyle blog, "The Well Heeled Guru." Doreen's passion for fashion, trends, style and all things fresh and upgrade is apparent in her work and writing, but it's her drive and determination to share with the global community that yoga is the access to provide empowered bodies and minds for people to achieve the lives they want. The enhanced body and mind awareness that yoga provides is the foundation for heightened and tangible fitness and physical activity - anyone, anywhere, any physical condition, if you are informed and inspired, then you can take action to be the healthiest, happiest YOU around.

A quote from Doreen; "The intrinsic goal of my initiatives and message is to nurture all emerging artists in the areas of photographic, illustrative video and design medium, and to be able to utilize my vehicle, The Well Heeled Guru blog, as a sound board and a collaborative space to develop and nurture what their art expression is defining. The Well Heeled Guru has the ability with my experience in design, lecturing and mentoring, to engage and illicit the very best of what each talent has to offer, but has yet to fully express and share their unique and diverse art ~ what they really want the world to know what they are about is my driving force for my interest and shared expression."

Discover more about Doreen's daily musings via her blog at TWHG as well as her Facebook and Twitter pages. 

And for an added bit of fun...

... Here's where Plankers can get their "Brit on" with a community of fans, followers and Plank mates that love, love, love about The Well Heeled Guru’s audacity... enough dry wit and uncomfortable reality that will stop any, "their-life-Is-better-than-mine" projecting, stop it in their tracks, breathe deep, stand up tall and roll out the mat and say Plank On!Shout outs for audacious moves on audacious mats, Dare we ask... shoot yourself in pose with your Plank fare and we'll share the pic.  

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