Affiliate Program

Become a Part of the Plank Affiliate Community!

Plank is pleased to offer you the opportunty to earn valuable commissions on sales through our super hip affiliate program. Now you can sell our cheeky, indescribably creative yogas lifestyle products on your site or with your assigned affiliate number, and be rewarded for your loyalty with commissions of 7.5% on every product sold while you build your own unique yoga lifestyle community. It’s entirely free to join, so there’s no reason to hesitate ~ nothing to lose and so much to gain!

How It Works Around Here.

As a Plank Affiliate, you’ll be authorized to provide a direct link to our Plank website with our witty, cheeky banners and buttons onto your website directing your customers to Plank. If you don’t happen to have a website and you are a fabulous blogger, no worries! You will receive an individual Affiliate Blogger Code that you provide your readers and fans when they are popping around your online spot. For each sale generated from you on your website, you’ll receive a portion of the revenue generated.

How You See the Bennies.

Earn 8% commission on confirmed sales throughout your website. Plank pays monthly when your total has reached fifty ($50) dollars. We do all the tough stuff; we handle order processing, shipping, billing and confirmation with the customer. All you the “Planker” do is place the link from your site to ours and start to see the dollars grow and make money with Plank!

The JOIN Info.

It’s so simple we’re convinced you’ll think this is just too easy but... just click on the “join now” button to register, place our affiliate banner or button on your site, and see that 8% commission for every item sold through you come rolling on in. You will be able to track your sales through our Plank customer service department whenever you like, and our snappy gang will be available online and the tellie Monday - Friday 8AM to 5PM anytime you need some assistance.

Once you have registered you will be emailed with your “Welcome you’re now a Planker too” message with your Plank Affiliate Program ID code, username and password; please write this info down and record it - you’ll use this each time you check in on your sales and we’ll be sure to identify all your great info with your monthly commission statement. Plank does review every site that requests participation in our Affiliate Program (one must play by the rules you know) and once your site is approved you can begin placing image and/or text links provided by our affiliate administration. Should you lose track along the way, no fear, Plank is here! We maintain the tracking from link click through and sales for you so you’re never far from an update.

Reminders Why I Love Plank.

● Joining our Affiliate Program is FREE and super duper easy.

● Earn up to 8% commission on all qualifying products and services

● Send traffic to artistic, unique, eco-friendly yoga and lifestyle related products

● Display relevant ads that enhance your website or blog design and ethos

● We are not a third-party program; this is the real deal, the only Plank

● We host and rotate banners and ads all the time for fair placement

● Excellent staff support, rich content and a group of like minded people here

● to help you make money!



What is the Plank Affiliate Program again?

The Plank Affiliate Program allows you the new “Planker” to make commissions by referring sales from your own website or blog code to

How does it work?

After you sign up you can login to your account and generate HTML code for our ads with your affiliate link. When somebody clicks that link a tiny text document ("Cookie") with your affiliate ID is stored in his/her browser. After a successful purchase a special script retreats the affiliate ID from the Cookie and automatically credits the affiliates account with 8% of the purchase value. If you don’t have a website, you will be provided a blogger ID code for your readers or fans to enter on their purchase forms which will track their order and generate a credit to you.

Tell me again why I want to become a Plank Affiliate?

Oh silly, because being a Plank Affiliate gives your customers a phenomenal way to shop online, you’re offering them a product like no one else, this enables you to make additional income for doing almost nothing, and eliminates the necessity for you to carry inventory - Plank does all the work for you.

Tell me about the graphics; what’s available for me?

Plank will provide you with a sweet selection of banners, buttons, logos and images to place on your site and even your business cards and postcards too - we like to share.

The commission structure is...?

Plank pays 8% commission on all sales generated through your site (or with your blogger code). When your account is credited with at least $50 Plank will pay you your earnings within thirty (30) business days from your beginning approval start date. Just is case something rare occurs and you do not earn the require $50 within six (6) months we will pay you whatever amount you have on your account.

Who do I contact if I need more information or assistance?

You just reach out to; Someone with our customer service staff will be in touch within 48 hours of your inquiry. We respect all our Affiliate members right to privacy and hereby promise your Plank will not give, share sell or tell your personal information and email to a third party.

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