Plank designs and manufactures the only heat activated yoga mat.

About Plank and Doreen Hing

When Plank’s Founder, former shoe designer and full time fashionista, Doreen Hing, discovered the incredible benefits of yoga and how it positively affected other aspects of her life, she knew she had to share this fantastic sense of awareness and well-being with others the only way she knew how – through design.
Doreen set out to design a yoga mat in a style that reflected her attitude toward life and her unique sense of humor. She created four provocative, intriguing and conversation-starting designs including Plank’s Cobra Yoga MatPills Yoga Mat, and Shag Yoga Mat.

While exploring the technology to imprint high-quality photo imagery onto the yoga mats, Doreen and the lab discovered the surface coating developed to protect the artwork had increased grip potential when body heat and pressure were applied.

Whereas most of the better grade yoga mats hold students securely in place, Plank mats are specifically designed to teach yoga's grounding principles, what we affectionately call BADTechTM​​, Broad And Deeper Technology. Working the complete opposite way than all yoga mats, our heat activated grip technology, requires students to be more engaged in what does Broad And Deep physically and mentally, look and feel like. Slipping is celebrated, instead of feared on a Plank mat, as it is a warning sign of inefficient grounding. 

As the pioneer for several years, wondering why yoga mats are not visually more interesting, and now, more importantly, why a yoga mat can't go beyond being the grippiest. Well we stopped wondering and trust you can imagine the power of what refined and maximized grounding will do for your poses, your learning curve and ultimately your experience of yoga on and off the mat...

What's surprising about Plank's simple technology, it works for newbie yogis and seasoned practioners, alike. If you're curious about how our mats work & what does BADTechTM​​ actually mean, check out our Learn More page

We’re committed to creating inspired products to enhance a student’s yoga experience visually, physically, physiologically and thoughtfully too.

Thanks for taking the time to look around and learn what a mat could look like or feel like... We hope to see you on or off the mat, obviously on a Plank mat but any mat will do... (shoot hope no investors are reading this...)

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy. Plank

For more information about our Founder, Doreen Hing, follow the Plank Tips, her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

"The intrinsic goal of my initiatives and message is to nurture all emerging artists in the areas of photographic, illustrative video and design medium, and to be able to utilize my vehicle, The Well Heeled Guru blog, as a sound board and a collaborative space to develop and nurture what their art expression is defining. The Well Heeled Guru has the ability with my experience in design, lecturing and mentoring, to engage and illicit the very best of what each talent has to offer, but has yet to fully express and share their unique and diverse art ~ what they really want the world to know what they are about is my driving force for my interest and shared expression."

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