Think, Don’t Sink...

Imagine what would be possible if a yoga mat's technology initiated a powerful bio-mechanical chain which caused:

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

So why don't you experience any of these results using your current yoga mat?

From our experience, it’s almost always due to unintentional or unfocused grounding.

Unintentional Grounding

A yogi tries to transition between poses while maintaining the grounding from the previous pose.


Unfocused Grounding

A yogi attempts to hold a pose without having a deep connection with the ground, floor or mat.


Incorrect grounding changes the way a yogi’s muscle and skeletal structures work together. For example, did you know a fully engaged hand connected to the mat can lift the shoulder girdle into a strengthening position without using the arm's & shoulder's large muscle groups? Likewise, well-­grounded feet can lift and hold the pelvic girdle, while shifting the femur deeper into the hip socket.

But I'm already well-grounded!

Indeed this is possibly true and if so, your mental grounding will allow to consider, that maybe you have not maximized your physical grounding and that there is possibly more to learn.

Curious? Let's investigate and see or more importantly, feel...

Grounding forms the basis of every yoga pose. Maximum GroundingTM​​ expands the base which enables you to flex, stretch and tone your body, activating the body's powerful and efficient skeletal architectural system.

Traditionally, yoga mats cushion your body from impacts with the floor. However, many mats today make a big deal about being sticky. In the short term, a sticky mat makes constructing and transitioning between poses seem easier than on the floor, by reducing the chance of slipping.

But this comes at a cost.

Long term, the cost can be weight bearing into joints or onto organs, slipping, inefficient muscle engagement, excessive tensions of imbalanced connective fibers and so much more...

We have a hunch, until now, these injurious possibilities weren't even on your radar. You probably go through class relying on the sticky mat to hold you in pose, end of story. 

When practicing on a sticky mat, do you think about how to improve your hand and foot connection to the mat? Do you wonder what there is to gain by being optimally grounded? Are you curious to investigate why activating the Stabilizer muscles of your grounding body parts prevent you from slipping?

So why practice on a Plank Yoga Mat?

At Plank, we have developed a BADTechTM​​ yoga mat, which makes Maximum Grounding an unshakeable habit. Since Plank mats work the opposite way from regular yoga mats, and slipping is used as a warning sign to activate yoga's grounding technology of Broad And Deep, both physically and mentally. Thus instead of fearing slipping, we celebrate this information as a signal to yogis, it's time to really get more grounded...

But why?

At the slightest sign of slipping, our proprietary Broad And Deep heat activation technology, delivers grip to the yogi, only when needed. Plankers, as we affectionately call users, know they need to wake up and really Broaden And Deepen their grounding body parts. Warming the mat's surface layer to activate its grip function is their primary challenge, then posing can begin.

Minimum GroundingTM​​ can instantly and bio-mechanically stop sliding as well as initiate correct internal alignments. Once the sliding stops, the mind celebrates its own power of knowledge and now has the physical and mental strength to investigate what is possible when grounding is Broadened And Deepened further...

Minimum GroundingTM​​ can also initiate muscle integration and isometric engagement. Maximum Grounding builds on Minimum Grounding's starting points and activates small, intrinsic, often unnoticed muscles in the hands and feet, called the Stabilizers.

Maximum GroundingTM​​ radically enhances any physiological systems resulting in more strength, more coordination, more staying power to dynamically stabilize the body from the ground up. From our experience all mats encourage minimum grounding, which is great, sometimes we don't want to think or work the body too much, however if you're interested in refining the mind's conversation with the body, we presume some of you will want a mat that insists on Maximum Grounding.


Stabilizer Muscles

These small muscles groups exist all over the body. Unlike Mover Muscles, Stabilizers only move short distances, and can be activated for long periods of time.


Mover Muscles

The large muscles are easy to see from the surface. Unlike Stabilizers, Movers help your body to shift mass considerable distances. However, they can only be active for short periods.


Failing to activate these Stabilizer muscles results in the yogi engaging the larger Mover muscle which quickly tire, leaving the yogi holding a bad pose with fatigued muscles. 

Maximum Grounding dynamically focuses and integrates your body’s skeletal and muscular architecture to bring a powerful ease to your practice.

The result? Stunning architecture, efficient foundations, and an intuitive mastery of construction.

Plank mats reward careful, considered  placement. 

The heat activated grip discourages rushed pose transitions... And over time, the yogi develops instinctive grounding behavior. 

Our goal, one day you'll be able to practice yoga, mat-free...


Plank mats:

  • offer heat­ activated grip technology
  • reward maxmum grounding
  • enable smooth, deliberate pose transitions
  • break the habits of unintentional and unfocused grounding
  • build and refine architectural integrity
  • reduce unintentional muscle fatigue
  • build Stabilizer muscle integration
  • promote and isometric engagement for greater lift and power
  • encourage instinctive grounding habits


What does this mean for you?

Plank’s feedback system is simple, yet effective for practitioners of all levels. Anyone from a novice through to a dedicated practitioner can benefit from improving their grounding habits. Plank Mats create the solid foundations which provides the confidence for yogis to go deeper into poses and ultimately transform every class into an exceptional yoga experience.


“I personally guarantee to refund your mat, if you do not learn something new about your practice.”

­ Doreen Hing


Our Promise

Instinctive connections, strong foundations and deep grounding. 

Powerful poses. Powerful transitions.

And eventually, a mat-­free yoga practice.


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