Yoga is a mind-body practice. It’s powerful medicine for merging our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves into one harmonious whole. Achieving such balance requires curiosity and self-inquiry, and Plank yoga mats are the ultimate analytical tools. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced yogi, used on your yoga journey, they can help you discover the negative patterns in your thoughts and movements so that you can transform them into positive habits for a happy, healthy life. With such awareness, anything is possible. 

Plank yoga mats aren't for everyone, admittedly, any cue can improve grounding on any mats, what's different, is our Proactive Grounding™ technologies, not only corrects the contact quality of your foundations, our reinforcer technology, enables you to sustain maximum grounding for longer, even when it is not being cued by instructors. Plank mats are great for those who want to accelerate their practice and refine their skills, and prefer to stand firm in the belief, yoga mats and tools which avoid challenges or require less physical & mental effort, will dramatically compromise the learning curve and mind-to-body strengthening opportunities...

A traditional yoga mat is designed to provide grip from the moment you step on to the moment you step off. While grip can help you “stick” your pose, a too-sticky practice can keep you, well, stuck in those unhelpful patterns. If you’re not properly grounded in your poses, a customary grip can cloud your awareness of what needs to be changed. While you’ll still get some physical and mental benefits from your session, you won’t enjoy the full benefits of a mindful practice. 

With a Plank mat, awareness is literally at your fingertips (and your toes). Our grip is heat-activated, which means that if you’re asleep in your practice—simply going through poses without intention—you will slip on your Plank. But if you do, it’s not the time to throw in, or throw down, the towel. A slip is the mat’s message to you to wake up and engage in your poses. If you’re properly connecting with your mat—moving broadly and deeply into and through your asanas—the mat’s grip activates. It rouses to enliven your muscles and mind. The end result? Increased strength, control, and consciousness for an enlightened body and mind. 

New to grounding?

Try this simple three-step exercise to experience the difference between a sleepy and alert yoga practice. 

Stand behind a table (or desk), straighten your arms, and place your hands flat out in front of you onto its smooth surface. 

  1. First, keeping your hands in a natural resting position, slide them forward across the table. They move with ease, right?

  2. Next, slightly engage your arm and hand muscles, pushing down into the table. With your muscles passively activated, now try to slide your hands forward as you did a moment ago. It’s more difficult, yes?

  3. Finally, make your hands broad and deep: Spread your fingers as wide as they can go, covering as much of the table’s surface area as possible, and push down purposefully into the table. You are now grounded. In this stance, try to slide your hands forward. Impossible, isn’t it? What’s more, notice how your joints have aligned and the muscles of your arms are fully energized. This is just the beginning of what you will discover about the power of your hands as they ground to your Plank mat.

When you’re properly grounded in your pose, fully connecting your hands and feet to your Plank mat, you’ll have all the grip you need to stay steady, balanced, and present in your practice. If you slip, simply let your mat be your personal yoga instructor and guide you back to proper positioning.

In this way, Plank mats are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. If you’re a newbie, using a Plank mat will instill good habits in your practice early on, providing the solid foundation you need. If you’re an experienced yogi, Plank mats can help you take your practice to the next level—perhaps to heights you hadn’t imagined: Putting your intimate knowledge of your body to work on your Plank, you’ll find surprising areas to tweak and refine for an enhanced experience and enhanced results. 

Plank mats are also the perfect teaching tools for anyone who helps others with their body’s bio-mechanics. If you’re a yoga instructor, a Plank mat let’s you be in your students’ ears every minute of class—and even at home. It reinforces your instruction to move broadly and deeply through poses and get grounded for a proper practice. If you’re a physical therapist, a Plank mat is the ultimate homework for your patient: a way to get them moving that encourages proper posture and core engagement while helping them lift out of, and not sink into, their joints. 

No matter the yoga level of its user, a Plank mat brings about instant feelings of strength and power. And over time, it makes the Planker intensely more aligned, body and mind. 

Pick out your mat design and get started reinventing your yoga practice and yourself today.