The Cobra Yoga Mat

  • The Cobra Yoga Mat

The Cobra Yoga Mat


For the open-hearted and courageous who face their fears and can look a toy snake in the eye...


Plank yoga mats, beyond the image. A technology to increase isometric muscle activation to create stronger hands, feet & mind. Whereas a typical grip yoga mat only requires partial contact quality, Plank mats are designed to enhance Broaden And Deepen the contact quality of the whole hand or foot. Sending more blood to soles of feet and palms of hands which can accelerate healing & produce surprising power.

Plank yoga mats are designed specifically to proactively develop strong hands and feet for the duration of poses on the mat, to provide the muscle memory for poses off the mat which can take any physical activity to the next level.

Yoga poses are designed to counteract the negative effects of your DNA, postural habits, footwear and physical activities to improve recovery, sports & pose performance and more. Although we know strong feet are key to movement and strong legs, how often does your instructor demonstrate the biomechanics of grounding, like foot strengthening? Or if taught, how often are you reminded to activate your feet and maximize your grounded bases?

The constant feedback from Plank’s proprietary, heat-activated grip provides an unexpected, transformed alignment, which can lead to less pain and injuries, as well as encourage a greater challenge and engagement.

  • Each visually dynamic mat is a limited edition
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Wipe Off Clean

Product Care

  • Wipe regularly with warm water using a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Let air dry, away from sunlight.
  • Store rolled in a cool, dark place