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What People Are Saying About Plank Mats

Hilaria Thomas, Owner of Vida Yoga, NYC

Plank yoga mats are beautiful, grippy and cushiony. The latter two characteristics are fundamental and necessary for a yogi's tactile experience, however the visual appeal that these mats embody, is really an added bonus.The first time I practiced on a Plank yoga mat was for an Extra TV clip shot with Mario Lopez at the Grove in LA. Doreen and her company were kind enough to donate mats for our yoga class and they completely brightened our experience. The images are so beautiful that it is hard to believe they are yoga mats. When I practice on my Plank mat, I feel much more grounded and connected.

Audrey C. Verified Buyer

Cool mat!

Neat design and as advertised! Wouldnt mind more of a selection of design choices to choose from.

Kristen Khederian Yoga, Boston, Ma

As a Yoga Instructor, I've tried a lot of mat brands, but none have really imnpressed me. I've always relief on a yogi toes towel to keep me from slliding around on my mats, especially during a sweaty Vinyasa practice. However, since receiving my Plank Yoga Mat a few months ago, I have fallen in love! Don't be deceived by its beautiful, artsy exterior„ this mat is also very functional and will change your yoga practice! My PYM has allowed me to develop firmer foundations, especialy through my hands and feet, during my yoga practice. I also appreciate how my PYM consistently makes me super-aware of every part of my body during my practice and helped me to work on bulding up my non-existant foot arches. I am consistently engaging through all four corners of my mat at all times - no cheating allowed during any asana! This mat turly keeps me "on my toes" and I'd highly recommend it to all levelsd of yoga practitioners who are curious about how they can take their practice to the next level.

Melanie C.Verified Buyer

Great mat! Great mat!


Vareika Personal Training & Yoga 1,119 like this

I have been working with the grounding technology of my Plank Yoga mat for the past few weeks. I have used it in gentle classes, flow classes, and heated classed alike. The mat has not only brought my attention to proper hand and foot placement and pressure, but it has deepended and brought more muscle awareness into my poses. My practice has been enhanced in a way I had never considered. All lecels of yogis and yoginis should consider a Plank Yoga Mat to add another dimension to their practice. Thank you plank!

James Malvesti Verified Buyer

As a Fitness Coach I use this mat with my clients I have a lot of experience with yoga/exercise mats. My mats get lots of usage being used anywhere between 4 to 8 times per day. The first mat I used was a generic brand in my in-home personal training service which I believe lasted under a year as it started to break off into chunks. Not wanting have to replace a mat every 8 months, I then went on to a higher quality black mat which immediately started to show scuff marks. Then I started using the Cobra mat and ditched the other one as I prefer to use this with my clients. I am definitely a fan. I've also found it useful for cueing form on movements such as planks, pushups, and lunges. Great design and look! It always get comments when I roll it out.

Karen P. Verified Buyer

Wonderful! Love the design of my new plank mat - so very inspiring! and the texture is very good and helps me maintain my postures!

Leslie J. Verified Buyer

My Favorite Yoga Mat!!! I've been using my cobra yoga mat for the past three years and absolutely LOVE IT!!! As the founder of Afro Flow Yoga, my mat has traveled with me all over the world while teaching classes, workshops and retreats. The design and function fits in perfectly Afro Flow Yoga by reminding students to stay connected to the elements of nature and rooting into the earth!

Elizabeth Rowan Via Facebook Review

Cutting edge technology + fantastic design = Plank. I already have my eye on a second, this cheeky 'meditate, not medicate' message (& for a contemporary art squee, it makes me think of Danien Hirst). Oh ya, major foundation & bandha activating too. My down dog alone improves ten fold on this mat! Thank You pk

Stephanie Sites Spataro Via Facebook Review

I love my Pills yoga mat more than any other mat I've ever used! It's heat activating grip keeps my practice focused an dwarm while enabling me to challenge myself to conquer the poses I am eager to achieve. I could never imagine using a different mat and the heat activating technology has made a significant difference in how I pracice and bring me back to my center each class. This mat is such a blessing to me!!!