Affiliate Program

You’re a Plank devotee, and we’re thrilled to have you as a member of our family. You already know that there’s so much to be gained from using a Plank yoga mat—strength and power, health and happiness, anyone?! But did you know there’s also so much to be gained from becoming a Plank Ambassador and helping us on our yogic mission?


Meet Some Affiliates:
Phyl London

Here’s what you get:

  • 15% commission on every product sold through your blog or website.

  • Convenient monthly payments (once your total has reached $50).*

  • Access to rich, thoughtful yoga content to educate and inform your readers and customers, plus opportunities to collaborate on unique content specifically for your constituents.

  • Use of an array of eye-catching banners and buttons consistent with your ethos to enhance your web presence.

  • Support from our staff of like-minded folks, ready to help you not only track but grow your sales and build your own yoga lifestyle community.

Here’s how it works:

Click “Join Now” below to join the Plank Affiliate Program for FREE—there are absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

  1. Click “Join Now” below to join the Plank Affiliate Program for FREE—there are absolutely no hidden costs or fees.

  2. Check your email for your affiliate ID code, username, and password; you’ll use these each time you want to check in on your sales.

  3. We’ll also email you a link to download our affiliate banners and buttons; once you’ve selected those you’d like to use, simply drop the code into your website or blog so you can begin earning commission—our thank you for spreading Plank’s grounded gospel.**

  4. We’ll do all the tough stuff…you just relax in Shavasana: We’ll handle order processing, shipping, billing, and confirmation with the customer, and we’ll track the click-throughs and sales from your site. What’s more, our sales team is available Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm to share your sales data and answer any questions you may have. Just email

* When your account is credited with at least $50, Plank will pay you your earnings (15% commission) within 30 business days. If you don’t earn the required $50 within six months, we will pay you the amount on your account at that point in time.

** The nitty-gritty: When someone clicks one of our banners or buttons on your site, a tiny text document (called a cookie) with your affiliate ID gets stored in his/her browser. After a successful purchase, a special script retrieves the affiliate ID from the cookie and credits your account with 15% of the purchase value. It’s a little bit of web magic! If you don’t have a website with an online store, we will provide you with a blogger ID code that your readers can enter on their purchase forms.