Enjoy our current calendar of events, favorite workshops around the globe and enriching, retreats happening that Plank is happy to share and be a part of... if you or your organization has a workshop, retreat or special event you would like Plank and it's products to be featured or sponsor, please contact our sales and marketing department with your participation request at info@plankdesigns.com. For our Plankers who are interested in attending or participating in some way with our current Plank workshops and retreats, take a sec and fill in the registration info on this calendar page and we'll be sure to include you in the activities! Advance registration and special promotional discounts will be offered from time to time so be inspired, informed and in action - register for our Plank announcements and updates.

Our Upcoming Online Workshop; The Humor in Yoga! What does allowing this silly human side of us do to benefit our practice and our lives? Enjoy clips, tips and an engaging exchange on the real deal of being natural and the cheeky, funny bits to learning, embracing and encompassing yoga into your daily routine. Podcast will air April 15th, 2011 available only to Plankers who have signed on to join.

Simply put, "Humor Yoga is a conscious effort to find the lighter, laughable side of anything that would normally cause us to react in some negative fashion. No excuses - negativity is going to happen so join us when we add humor + information to a fun workshop event!