We are delighted to share with you Nancy Turnquist certified Iyengar instructor of Yoga Offering, Plank's Inspired Instructor and their selected studio, class and chosen practice. This knowledgeable, creative, real-world class facilitator and teacher is the qualified, energized and Plank "yogi of the moment." These dedicated individuals are body aware, mentally engaged with your experience, socially conscious and just plain GOOD at what they do. Take a sec, read all about it in our Q&A and of course...

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy. It's our way to always be a part of the Plank experience in being inspired, informed and in action.

Plank Featured Instructor Q&A:

1) How is it you became a yoga instructor? 

18 years ago as I auditioned to get into school for dance the admissions panel cautioned me that I would need to work on my flexibility if this was what I wanted. I went right out and picked up a Patrica Walden Yoga For Flexibility video and fell in love. I still feel the same today. The inward focus and the serenity of the practice are a gift I treasure each time I come to the mat.

2) How is it you have chosen the style and core practice that you have chosen? 

During the course of becoming a certified Structural Integrator with Tom Myers I began to put some very logical pieces together. A systematic whole body approach to stretching and strengthening. I discovered that there are ways of sequencing that can rapidly accelerate and ground the body and that by following these sequences it makes things logical, supportive and deeply nourishing. People ask me what style I practice all the time...I practice freestyle;) Which is really just being me.

3) What do you treasure most about the exchange and experiences you've shared with your students? 

My students are absolutely amazing. They are my huge yoga family and I love them with all of my heart. Through the years they have taught me so much and are a constant source of inspiration, compassion and community. I guess that's what I treasure the most this feeling of singing, breathing, sweating, moving, laughing, crying and delighting in the incredible practice of yoga together. There's nothing like the excited look of shock when a student who you have known for years gets a new pose and you see this expression of pure exhilaration and joy on their face.

4) How has practicing yoga changed your life in any specific way and if so, what have the changes been? 

It would be impossible to measure all the ways in which yoga has flooded my life with peace and freedom. I know I am taller now than I have ever been in my life. I walk with a little extra spring in the step. Even though things can get quite crazy sometimes I know I can always come back to my breath and body and things turn out ok.

5) As an instructor you are with students regularly, but how often do you practice yourself? 

I try to practice for a little bit everyday but owning a business means that sometime my yoga practice is taking the best bath ever with Epsom Salts, bubbles, candles and a cookie;) I take my practice and also my down time very seriously. Work hard, play often and rest deeply everyday. Practice is like vitamins or sunlight you soak in it and things shift for the better. You come out different ...invigorated.

6) If there was anything you could personally share or change about the idea and perception of a yoga practice, what would that be? 

Keep it simple. It's based on anatomy and it makes sense. Everyone can practice yoga. Simply put the very act of strengthening and opening the body creates a sense strength and openness in the mind. There is nothing mystical about it. You breath better, move more freely and end up feeling great because of it.

7) Humor and being OK with making mistakes and not being "perfect" in class is something Plank wants to impart with followers; have you had any funny or imperfect moments you'd like to share? 

Mistakes are perfect they let your class know that we are all in this together. The most common is to loose track of which side you are on so I will say "right leg" and the whole class will say in unison left leg! I tip over sometimes in balances or say a string of words that don't make sense...oh..my favorite mistake was I forgot the line to a chant in the middle and made up a nonsense line....everyone was really good about it and just went along with it.

8) If you had the opportunity to walk up to a complete stranger and knew you had only one minute to share with them your philosophy on your preferred yoga, what would you tell them? 

I don't really have a preferred yoga. I tell people to find what you love. Try everything. There are so many great teachers with so much to share especially here in Boston. You can learn from everyone. Be kind to your body and always know you can rest or skip a pose in the beginning and take the practice as your way of enjoying your body.

9) Where can a student find you this spring and summer? Any upcoming retreats or workshops? 

South Boston Yoga is my home base and the teachers here are just fantastic. They are my family and friends and truly warm, welcoming and wonderful teachers. Our month long teach training is taking place this summer and is going to be absolutely amazing. Also we have a aerial swing and silks room where 22 people can fly upside down for an hour and a half and there is a basics workshop coming up in April. Of course you can find me any time in my regular classes. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and have a blast!

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For class schedule and info;
South Boston Yoga
36 West Broadway
South Boston MA 02127


Next month our featured instructor, Nancy Turnquist certified Iyengar teacher, will share her thoughtful, heartfelt and engaging Q&A with us here on Plank. Nancy's story will be live April 15 2011. For info on Nancy Turnquist and her current schedule visit; http://www.yogaoffering.com