Plank mats are designed for students to Think, Not Sink... When slipping occurs, we guarantee it is due to unintentional grounding or mindlessness...


Our piece de resistance technology works the opposite way from traditional grip yoga mats. But why...

  • to challenge the yoga student to work the mind & body harder upfront.

  • more mind & muscle confusion AKA slippage develops and activates more muscle integration and isometric engagement, hence more POWER. 

We don't just let your bad pose habits slide by, we celebrate them. When you slip on a Plank Mat, you will make damn sure to activate your grounding technology!

Check out your poses, do you have a tendency to sink into your joints? The answer is we all do. Have you considered your regular grippy yoga mat could cause bad pose construction habits, which in turn can encourage collapsation?

Imagine what your poses would be like if your yoga mat forced you to:

  • activate more of your hands and feet

  • power up more of your arms and legs

  • intensify more of your deep core muscles

  • lighten more bodyweight off the joints

  • expand more of your back muscles 

Our feedback system is simple yet effective for practioners of all levels, from novice to dedicated, to build the solid foundations that hold poses for longer. It generates the confidence required to go deeper into poses, and ultimately transforms every class into an exceptional yoga experience.

At Plank, we personally guarantee to refund your mat, if you do not learn something new about your practice.

We are committed to accelerating the learning curve so students can eventually practice yoga, mat free... 


Choose from 3 audacious designs including Plank’s Cobra Yoga Mat, Pills Yoga Mat, and Shag Yoga Mat.