What exactly is a "Planker?" A Planker is someone who takes their upgraded, high quality products for their yoga and their life very seriously... but not themselves exactly. A Planker is doer, an engaged, witty, humanistic kinda' chap, one who bends the idea of conventionality and form. Plankers get on board with wellness but jump off if the message is anything less than supportive, inspired, informed and in action.

So you want to know all the time, every day, what's happening in our audacious upgraded world? That's doable, that happens right here. Plankers are a little whacked (go figure) as we want you to know all about our dandy discounts, special events, fave classes, workshops and to announce the latest-and-greatest happenings around here ~ so sign up! As new registrants you will receive 10% off your first Plank purchase - incentive driven we are.

Invite a friend to be a Planker and you both will receive some extra Plank loving... Yes there is a bit of administrative stuff going on around here to ensure that you get ALL the latest news so Plank It like crazy.

Just fill out the wee bit of a form here and we'll pass along the Planker news, invite a friend and get your Plank on.

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy.