Ricetech Yoga Mat

  • Ricetech Yoga Mat

Ricetech Yoga Mat


Plank’s Ricetech™ high-performance yoga mat pioneers our genuine efforts to reduce the yoga mat industry’s carbon footprint. We are the first company to use the latest in bio-material science, Ricetech, to enhance the mechanical & physical characteristics of our mats, while simultaneously, radically reducing our raw material consumption and manufacturing footprint.

What is Ricetech

Ricetech, is a material innovation which upcycles one of the humblest of commodities: rice husk, i.e. rice waste.  More precisely we unlock rice husk's potential, whose fibers are renowned for its

  • biodegradability
  • high traction
  • light weight,
  • toughness, weather resistance,
  • flexibility, torque, tensile, tear,
  • low-swell, high water absorption,
  • oxygen-barrier properties. 

How does this benefit the yoga mat?

Ricetech combined with natural raw rubber provides natural strength and high traction to deliver sustainability benefits in a wide variety of ways: 

  • Ricetech™ reduces each mat’s raw material consumption by an unprecedented 30% of upcycled raw materials
  • Due to its lightweight properties, we have increased the raw material density, making it tougher, more resilient to torque & tear
  • The increased density, coupled with the its reduced oxidation properties extends the mat's endurance due to reduced size of open cells for bacteria
  • Rice fibers have high water absorption as well as high surface friction, which can help improve its wet grip properties

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise leading material suppliers in industries such as, construction, bio-plastics, food packaging and footwear companies use rice husk fibers to improve the physical, mechanical and thermal properties of their products.