Why a Plank Yoga Mat is the Yoga Equivalent of the Barefoot Running Shoe

People often ask us how our Plank Yoga Mats work exactly and why they are great training tool for firmer foundations. Well ladies and gents, here's your abbreviated answer:

The Plank Yoga Mat has traction, but unlike with a sticky mat, you have to train your muscles to work harder to create it by warming up the mat with more hand/feet connection than you currently apply. 

This is a similar concept to that of the barefoot running style shoes that teach the muscles of the foot and ankle to become stronger. Just as the over padded, structured running shoe causes more damage to your foot due to lack of awareness and muscle engagement, so does an always-grippy yoga mat.

So what's the moral of this Yoga Story you ask? If you want to cheat your muscles and weaken your foundations, choose a grippy, sticky yoga mat. If you really want to work for them and strengthen your poses from the ground up, choose a Plank Yoga Mat!


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