The Most Ridiculous Body Awareness™ Runner's Workshop Ever!


Are you a runner looking to learn powerful, tangible techniques to help you better connect to your power source when in motion? Want to discover how to run Heart Break Hill with a smile?

Join Daniele Britt, founder of BrittYoga Therapy, Kristin Khederian and Plank Yoga Mats for the Most Ridiculous Body Awareness™ Runner's Workshop ever! 

The Boston Athletic Club (653 Summer St.) in South Boston will be hosting two of these workshops on Thursday, April 17th from 6:30 - 7:30pm and Saturday, April 19th from 11am - 12pm. 

South Boston Yoga (38 West Broadway) will also be hosting a workshop on Friday, April 18th from 6-7pm.

All workshops are FREE!

Imagine how different a run could be if the mind and the body were working with a set of tools that help check body awareness, distribute muscular effort, and effectively resource oxygen and calories. Our workshop provides a Stretch In Motion™ approach with the intention to create new performance enhancing habits to use IN THE RUN, allowing you to relax tight muscles to shave seconds off your time and add miles to your run. 

TO SIGN UP for the Workshops at the BAC - email to reserve your space.

TO SIGN UP for the Workshop at South Boston Yoga, visit

We hope you'll join us on April 17th, 18th, and 19th as we help you to prepare for the Boston Marathon or any other race you're currently training for!


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