She's the One.

Here's a bit about the creator and founder of Plank, Doreen Hing... you can also follow Doreen's passion, initiative, projects and audacious writing on her own blog, "The Well Heeled Guru" and on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

An exerpt taken from Doreen's own blog..."The Well-Heeled Guru is seen as the go-to person for getting people into yoga, however, this is not how she prefers to acknowledged. The Well-Heeled Guru’s mission is for people to Get Yoga, to really incorporate its health & mental benefits into every area of life and not solely, in the yoga studio. Originally poo-pooed by the hardcore yoga community, if you shift your perspective now, ask yourself, “Look who’s the Poser now…” but I digress again, who is The Well-Heeled Guru? C’est moi… Doreen Hing, Creative Brit, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur & a Very Ordinary Rebel…

So you see what we mean? This one has a lot going on. More to come from this intensely driven, wildly energetic and deeply convicted designer + entrepreneur extraordinaire.


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