Practice Self Love this February!

As my daughter and I walk the aisles of Valentine’s Day cards carefully choosing boxes for her classmates, I am reminded of how little we celebrate the season of love with ourselves. Gracynn takes time to meticulously write each classmate a card, Hello Kitty for the girls, Angry Bird for the boys. There will be the Valentine’s Day cookies we make, the chocolates bought, the special dinner prepared for my husband.

But, when do we remember to take time to love ourselves? It’s so easy to beat ourselves up with, ‘I could have done better.’ ‘I should be able to do handstand in the middle of the room by now.’ (I hear this one a couple times a week from students). We are all so beautiful in so many ways. We all have talents which are unique to us. We are all creative, just in different ways.You couldn’t pay me enough to get up and sing in front of an audience, I’d be mortified. Yet, my husband, Eric, well, he does that every night. It’s his job. But, ask him to go to a yoga class, and he’d be terrified. See, we’re all scared of not being enough. But, we are!

I’m reminded of my favorite mantra, So Hum. It translates as, “I am all that is.” Whoa. Really? I am alllllllll that is. I am everything. I have a connection to everything, everyone. When we realize that, suddenly we realize we’re all in this big party together. Why do we make it so complicated? So, get up there, go have fun. Sing, Dance, Do Yoga. And practice Self Love this month!

~Daniele Britt (Plank Ambassador)


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