Meet Beth Greene: Plank's New Director of Sales!

Greetings Plankers,

I'm new to Plank and a long time fitness and health enthusiast. My background is in sales and relationship building and I am coming to Plank to help grow the business. I am excited about joining a team that is grounded in its mission and products. Plank Yoga Mats have been developed with the intention of moving a yoga student forward in their practice. Their low-tech mechanism asks the user to create their best work on the mat and it guides them to correct themselves along the way. The Plank Yoga Mat has created a solid foundation in my own yoga practice and I am a re-invigorated yoga student that finally feels confident to practice outside of a studio. Grounded feet and hands will lead to all sorts of miracles! (in this photo I am totally out of balance- wish I had my Plank Yoga Mat with me.)

At Plank, we’re currently looking for studios and teachers who care about cultivating a profound, grounded practice for their community.

We want those who are curious to learn how Plank’s instant power, stability training tools, and workshops can deepen and expand their businesses and their students’ practices.

If this sounds intriguing to you, please email me at




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