FREE 30 minute Advanced Foundations Study Module at Kundalini Yoga Boston!

Join Doreen Hing, founder of Plank, luxury accessories for yoga and beyond on February 12th and 26th at 9:30am for a FREE 30 minute Advanced Foundations Study Module at Kundalini Yoga Boston!

Your contribution will provide insightful feedback to help us formulate an outline for a series of impactful workshops. The goal of the collaboration is to enhance the Kundalini #Yoga Kriyas for body awareness and activation with Plank’s Advanced Foundation System of uncommon grounding tools and observations.

If you’re interested in elevating your Kundalini mind and body awareness with an extraordinary grounded experience we highly suggest you join us! Expect to learn how grounding is a never-ending subject, and experience how being profoundly grounded will exponentially increase the #Kundalini energy in your practice.

To sign up for this FREE event, visit:


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