For Next Level Breath Awareness in your Flat Back Yoga Pose, try this #PlankTip!

1) Do your best Flat Back. Take 3-5 breaths. Notice the quality and size of your breath.

2) Push your thigh bones back. Take 3-5 breaths and notice the size and quality of your breath again. For me it's fuller.

3) Now what grounded body part can enhance the pushing back of the thighs? For me it's my heels, particularly my inside heel. So with 4 corner technology, connect them and breath 3-5 times. Notice the quality and size of your breath. For me, it's even fuller and more expansive and my back body feels light.

4) Finally, keep checking into your feet and see what more can be grounded. For me, my breath gets shockingly more expansive, my back is light and my core is lifting without me even paying attention to it.

The power of being constantly reminded about the connected quality of the feet blows my mind, and my body too! Try it, use it in class and know that you have many more opportunities to discover the power of grounding, especially when practicing on a Plank Yoga Mat (

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