Meet our Ambassador Tim Kelleher


This month we bring you a special interview with our Ambassador, Tim Kelleher. You may know Tim from his smart and challenging Vinyasa Yoga classes at South Boston YogaNorth End Yoga andJP Centre Yoga. Tim also has an amazing sense of humor, and while he makes us sweat and shake on our mats (preferably a Plank Yoga Mat), he always makes us laugh, too. Thank you Tim for all you give to the Boston Yoga Community and for making our practices fun. We are excited to have you share in what Plank stands for.

Introducing our Plank Ambassador: Tim Kelleher

As a well known Yoga Teacher in Boston, what inspires you to share your practice with others?

I believe strongly in increasing happiness, both my personal happiness and that of those around me. Physical fitness, mental clarity and a spiritual connection are key elements to happiness in my opinion, and yoga as a practice fully addresses all three of these things. I feel free and joyful on the mat, and my greatest wish is to be able to convey that to my students and in some small way help them increase their happiness and peace of mind....and do a handstand. ;)

If someone was to recommend you to a new student, what would be 3 things you would want that new student to know about your classes?

The three most important things to know about my classes is that all are welcome, a sense of humor is required and an open mind is key.

On your Facebook page, we see that you have a strong home practice. Why is your home practice important for you? Are there any tools or services that you use that make a difference in your home practice?

A home practice is the most crucial thing for any teacher to develop. The reason I am able to inform my classes clearly and effectively is that I have fully felt the practice in my body prior to sharing it with my students. It is a place to experiment and learn to listen to my own voice. Many people use videos and audio classes to assist them when they begin practicing at home, and I think those are great - but for myself, it is a time to focus inward and listen to my internal teacher. Check out this video of one of Tim's Home Practices on his Plank Yoga Mat.

Since you own a Plank Yoga Mat, describe your first experience practicing on a PYM. What poses in particular have evolved from your practice on a PYM and why do you think this is?

My first experience on a PYM was actually quite enlightening. Because the mat requires a well placed and mindful grip, I was forced to start paying attention to my hand placement in a very detailed way. I was able to begin to trace the source of a tennis elbow that had been plaguing my practice for months. I love to use the mat for a slow mindful flow, as it encourages attention to foundation and rooting into the earth.

For more about Tim and to get to one of his Yoga Classes, make sure to check out his Facebook Fan Page!


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