Roger Maxwell Pressman ~ Certified Anusara Instructor

"This is a fascinating concept, and one that I think will resonate with many practitioners. 
My experience was that it had just enough texture to require my attention to my foundation in every pose. It was as if the mat was challenging me, and I love a good challenge. I found myself more engaged muscularly in each pose because of the awareness the mat required.

I relate this to the way I relate teaching yoga to beginners. The old paradigm of giving beginners a wide birth, lots of childs pose and a relatively simple practice is safest, but I think today's beginners need to be pushed in the right ways, to be challenged correctly to expand. A majority of what I teach beginners is proper foundation and so I think the challenge your Plank mat provides anyone needing more awareness of their foundation would find it very useful."
@Robert Maxwell Pressman, Denver, CO, Certified Anusara Instructor


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