Bill Dorigan ~ President, Finding the Midline Ltd, Certified Anusara Instructor


"I find that this mat is an excellent tool for therapeutic use. I am recovering from an injury and have been fortunate to receive excellent instruction on the precise actions I need to make in order for my injury to heal. I've been practicing those actions regularly but it was a whole new experience to bring the actions to the Plank mat. It provides such precise feedback that my attention to detail is significantly elevated, bringing healing even closer to reality." 

- Bill Dorigan, President, Finding the Midline, Ltd, Certified Anusara Instructor


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This was an awesome start to my day! I just ran with a frneid few miles and then did this video. I love this. Thanks for making this video! I’m totally looking forward to more, and I will definitely be doing all of the ones you’ve posted.


Thanks for your thgtshuo. It’s helped me a lot.


Yes meditation and yoga can help you focus and diilpscine your mind and soul. However, there are proper techniques that you should learn. Either you can join classes in order to get a proper professional lesson or else if you want to learn by yourself then try to buy DVDs- for beginners (there are several in the market). Simple ways to do yoga involves breathing and concentration. I can’t explain the postures because it is better for you to have visuals. So I suggest you look for books or DVDs or even websites that gives you a thorough direction on both yoga and meditation. Good luck:)

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