Samuel Robinson ~ Certified Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor


"After a couple weeks of practicing on the Plank mat, im truly impressed at the mats ability to make me feel like a total beginner again. I have to be honest, I had my doubts and really had to just go for it. The beginners mind is a gift in Yoga practice, and your mat achieved this... the main downfall though, is the amount of sweat that I produce... it doesn't hold up in high sweat environments. I gave it a solid chance too, the learning curve was HUGE!! 

It took a week of practice to get engagement correct so the mat would start to mold to my feet and hands, but I am not able to access that molding after a certain point in a Baptiste Power Yoga class simply because of body temperature, and sweat... The mat I feel is going to be perfect for a room that is mildly heated, or simply not heated. I will keep you updated about its performance in a not so sweaty environment, but so far Doreen, I am really impressed. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of the beginners mind again."

- @Samuel Robinson, Certified Baron Baptiste Instructor


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thank you Sadie, you really hepeld me!2 weeks ago i had my first panic attack and had been scared up to this point because i could never relax comfortably but this easy technique you published hepeld me relax and calm down mentally and spirituallyits funny because my therapist had been telling me to try this technique and i never took her seriously until watching this video!anyways thanks for helping me and people like me.


Normally yoga is done without shoes and usaluly on a mat. However those with foot issues can still do yoga exercises. Check with your instructor. There may be a special class for people who need to wear shoos.


I know from personal eicprxenee how it feels to injure someone, so I know you feel really crappy right now, but try not to be too hard on yourself. I wish I could make you feel better, but know I am sending healing thoughts to your opponent and supportive thoughts to you. Big hug, babe.

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