Lindsay Gibson, Owner Majestic Yoga Studio


"I had two introductions to the Plank Yoga Mats. The first introduction, was very briefly in Majestic Yoga Studio when Doreen came to take a class. When I first saw the mats I was very skeptical. They were small, very untraditional, looked plastic and slippery, and too crazy. I thought that they were missing what yoga was about. I briefly stepped onto the mat and was taken a back at how immediately I felt my leg muscles become engaged and I fell into correct alignment with out having to do anything. Sadly, I had to leave to teach a class.  

The second introduction was at Neiman’s. I knew that I liked the “feel” of the mat from my brief time earlier in the week, but was not sure of its performance. Tactically, a mat is important because it gives neuromuscular feedback to the brain. And so many mats don’t have any tactile feel to them. I was suffering from a sprained ankle and the moment I stepped onto the mat I was blown away. 

My feel became grounded, my arches lifted, my muscles became engaged…all just by standing on the mat. The longer I stood there, the stronger and more aligned my legs became, my twisted ankle straightened out, and my whole inner body began to shine, my spine grew longer, my nervous system calmed down!! My heart lifted. All by just standing on the Plank mats. I found that I did not have to work so hard to bring myself into proper alignment!! Then Doreen told me her vision behind the mats...the mats took on new meaning for me. I was transformed."

- @Lindsay Gibson of Majestic Yoga Studio
Studio Owner, Yoga teacher, Masters in Applied Anatomy and Physiology


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