Vita Zus Burwell ~ Yoga Instructor


"If you have practiced yoga with me as your teacher, you may have gotten used to my mantra "begin at the beginning." In every practice that I lead, my call to action in each pose is to build a foundation first - feet grounded, toes spread, like roots, heels alive. Your hands - essential tools for discovery and exploration - feel through the palms, extend through the fingertips, connect through the arches. Sounds basic.. and it is just that - basic, fundamental - build your practice from ground up. You don't have to go through the practice alone, let your mat be your accomplice, a faithful reminder of the groundedness and connection. And maybe, some day, you will carry yourself like Johann Hurlinger, who walked on his hands from Paris to Vienna in 1900..."

Vita Zus Burwell, Yoga Instructor


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Yes meditation and yoga can help you focus and dinpscliie your mind and soul. However, there are proper techniques that you should learn. Either you can join classes in order to get a proper professional lesson or else if you want to learn by yourself then try to buy DVDs- for beginners (there are several in the market). Simple ways to do yoga involves breathing and concentration. I can’t explain the postures because it is better for you to have visuals. So I suggest you look for books or DVDs or even websites that gives you a thorough direction on both yoga and meditation. Good luck:)


Are you looking for a hot yoga class ehteir Bikram or not in Punta Gorda orPort Charlotte?I am interested in it and would love to find a studio in those locations or nearby thatoffers it.

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