Lynn Henderson ~ Yoga Instructor


"Art and function? Yes, and I LOVE my Plank mat! Not only does it roll out with the authority to compare to all of the better branded yoga mats, it has an awesome sleekness and an unexpected grip. I thought it would be slippery, because I sweat like a football player even with my lean 5’8 feminine frame, but the Plank yoga mat is was right on target and surprisingly sticky. The grip is like no other because the surface is not porous. So, wet with sweat? No problem, a quick whisk with a towel over the mat and return to a superlative surface. Everyone, including the beginner and even the more serious athlete will feel the difference in the grip, the activation of the leg band muscle, the engaged gluts and just the right amount of support to easily push through and/or flow through their yoga class!"

- Lynn Henderson of One Unity Source RYT-200, Yoga Instructor 


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I am loving them so far. It is great to have sonhteimg to work towards and have people around me that will motivate and challenge me! I reviewed the plank video you did a while back before starting just as a refresher course


I know from personal ecereipnxe how it feels to injure someone, so I know you feel really crappy right now, but try not to be too hard on yourself. I wish I could make you feel better, but know I am sending healing thoughts to your opponent and supportive thoughts to you. Big hug, babe.

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