Kristi Nicolucci ~ Yoga Class Consumer


"I recently got back into yoga as I was experiencing severe back pain. I signed up for one class just to try it again,  and fell in love with the Hot Pilates and Hot Vinyasa Flow.  With my newly found passion I enrolled in a 6-month membership and I asked my client Plank to loan me a mat as I did not want to use the rentals as they did not have a good grip and I would slip on them when trying to do the poses. I also felt this would be a huge advantage when marketing and pitching the mats to the media. 

What better way to give media first hand experience on why to chose a Plank Mat over all the competitors. I found the the Plank Mats grip helped me endure my poses longer and was not slipping in my hot Yoga classes when doing downward dog. Although I am still a newbie to Yoga, the Plank Yoga Mat with body heat activated grip inspires me to continue the practice. I get compliments on the design and recommend Plank to everyone!"

- Kristi Nicolucci, Publicist, Industry Publicity


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This article acehvied exactly what I wanted it to achieve.


That is just beautiful! I love pagmrros that keep seniors active and living a fun filled life. So special that it is something that you are so involved in too. Way to go mother & daughter!!!Hugs to you both,Cathy


Awww I love this, Cathy!!! Spending sweet time with your Mom. It is wonderful that you two get tetgoher as much as you do. That is so special. And now you have something else you enjoy doing tetgoher I absolutely love it!

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