Bella Moon Castro ~ Yoga Class Consumer

"These mats may not be for everyone but I think its an investment piece for yourself and to your practice. These mats are one of those things that you will want to keep unrolling...for inspiration."

"My personal choice of practice is Vinyasa Flow....sweaty, gooey, great music, deep breathing and my Plank has taken me joyfully thru hundreds of Vinyasas - no slipping, shredding, peeling, flaking." 

"I don't stare or gawk at my mat all during's usually during the forward bending part of class (you know, the poses that make you pay attention and surrender to your past experiences?) the uttanasas or pashimotanasas - where I actually pay attention to whats under me...and what do I see? A Plank. A beautiful piece of wood that is carrying me, holding my weight as I make peace with my past in these poses. And then I'm back into my flow, ready to create something new as the past gets released...and this happens with every single class."

"Its a joy-filled product."

"I've owned Plank Mats for many years. I'm a loyal Customer and supporter of the Brand. I'll tell you why. Plank takes the time to collect feedback from its Customers. They don't just ask a question and give you a generic "Thanks for your response". They ask specific questions and really listen to what you have to say. Plank is not about offering an expensive product that doesn't deliver. I can attest to this feedback system. Their products have only gotten better as they've grown. They want to give you a product that will inspire you to get on your mat. Very simple.

- Bella Moon Yoga Studio


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I am wearing the bigsegt grin on my face that I’ve had all week. Thank you. Those dogs aren’t stretching! They are just laying around like they would do if they were at home in front of the door, or on the couch, or in the bed. Too funny!

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