The Pills Yoga Mat

  • The Pills Yoga Mat

The Pills Yoga Mat


For those who believe phalakasana and pranayama, not pills, can cure what ails them.


Our pioneering heat-activated—and visually dynamic—yoga mats encourage you to ground yourself fully into a vibrant world below your feet and hands. Their innovative surface forces you to move broadly and deeply into and through your poses, to do as yoga calls you to do and become acutely aware of your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Like Plank Pose, Plank mats teach you stability and help supply the power and confidence needed for a body-, mind-, and life-altering relationship with yoga, whether you’re new to the practice or a master yogi.


  • Our pioneering heat-activated grip: A slip on a Plank mat is a message to wake up and engage in your poses. If you’re properly connecting with your mat—moving broadly and deeply into and through your asanas—the mat’s grip activates and rouses to enliven your muscles and mind.

  • Our unique body mechanics feedback system to help both beginners and advanced yogis gain awareness and enhance their yoga practice.

  • Our innovative printed natural rubber closed-cell surface, which is eco-friendly and resists bacteria and odor.

  • Our one-year limited warranty.

  • Each mat comes with a lightweight plastic carrier, or upgrade to one of our fashion-forward canvas carriers or totes.

  • Specs: 6 lbs; 72”x24”; ¼” thick.


  • Improved awareness of your body’s biomechanics and architecture.

  • Busted bad habits for a proper, grounded practice.

  • Smooth and deliberate pose transitions and strong, powerful asanas.

  • More core strength, as well as overall strength and stamina, both on and off the mat.

  • Increased confidence, control, and consciousness in your practice and life.

  • And the list goes on… 

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Product Care

  • Wipe regularly with warm water using a damp cloth or sponge.

  • Let air dry, away from sunlight.

  • Store rolled in a cool, dark place—preferably a yoga mat carrier, like our Canvas Series.