Meet our Ambassador Rebekah "Bex" Borucki


May we present (drumroll please...) Rebekah "Bex" Borucki, a mother-of-four, a fitness and yoga instructor, an urban farming hobbyist, and the woman behind the popular blog, Bex Life.

We love Bex, not only because she loves Plank Yoga Mats, but because she is passionate and enthusiastic about making health and fitness fun and do-able for everyone! Her energy is infectious and she truly cares about her readership/fan base and is often reaching out to and responding to them even though she’s super busy. Bex also blogs about her real life, which includes time spent with her chickens, on her farm and with her four kids. Bex even posts pictures of her kids ‘practicing’ being a kid on her Plank Yoga Mat. Above all, we love Bex for her honesty…this is why we feel she is not only an incredible Ambassador for Plank, but an up and coming fitness personality that will be around for a long time to come!

We asked Bex a few questions about her hobbies, teachings and love affair with Plank Yoga Mats and here's what she had to say...

Tell us a little bit about yourself... what do you do and what are your passions in life?

My first job and greatest passion is being a mom of four children, ranging in age from 15 months to 14 years. I'm also lucky enough to make money doing something I love, teaching people about health and fitness through my website, I've been blogging and making videos about my own journey to health for years, and the fact that I can connect with so many people in meaningful ways on a daily basis has me pinching myself constantly.

How were you first introduced to Plank Yoga Mats? What were your initial thoughts about the mats and how has that changed over time?

I discovered Plank through Molly Sim's wellness blogI immediately fell in love with the designs without knowing anything about the technology behind them. The mats were nothing like I had seen before. After reading just a little bit about what the mats had to offer the practitioner, I had to know more. I think I started flooding their twitter account with questions the same day I discovered them.

How have Plank Yoga Mats enhanced your own personal yoga practice and those of your clients? What benefits have you experienced from them?

To be completely candid, I had no idea the mat had changed my practice until I was watching myself on a video I had made for my YouTube channel using my Cobra Mat. Since having my fourth child, I have struggled with my balance, especially in my Warrior series. I'm always just a little wobbly on my feet. I'm sure it has a lot to do with diminished core strength and a lack of confidence in my grounding. On that particular day, I had just finished shooting a video and felt fantastic and energized (rare for me at that time). When I sat in front of my computer screen to start the edit, I noticed something very different about my practice. I was solid in Warrior II, which seems like nothing to most but was a huge milestone for me. The excitement took me back to the mat to explore further. What I felt from that point on was very different from my experience on other mats. Instead of just feeling like I was gripping the mat, it felt like the mat was gripping me back - holding me. It wasn't sticky or rubbery like other mats, I just felt "in place". Now I'm using the mat for my regular fitness routines as well. It gives protection without feeling "cushiony" and provides grip without feeling "sticky". I'm not a scientist or an engineer, so all I can say is that it simply "works" for me.

Anything else you'd like to add?

While I was initially drawn in by the beauty and humor of the Plank Yoga Mat designs, it's the quality and functionality of the mat that compels me to return to it again and again. It's now a permanent fixture in my sun room, along with my blogging calendar and laptop.

Signing Off... 
Bex truly cares about fitness as well as yoga, so we at Plank invite you to check out her website for more tips on getting healthy and to learn more about her experiences with Plank Yoga Mats.

Just imagine if, like Bex, YOU were able to access a new “milestone” or pose in your yoga practice… If you'd like to try a Plank Yoga Mat out and see for yourself how it can change your yoga practice, please visit our online store!

                                                                                                                                   Don't forget to check out Bex's YouTube Videos in which she uses her Plank Mat!

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